Bovine(cattle) paternity testing

Service overview

The main known method identifying origin of breeding animals is the sequence analysis of DNA, which is widely used in countries with highly developed cattle breeding. When analyzing DNA sequences, it is widely used genotyping for alleles of microsatellite STR loci and genotyping for SNP markers. These requirements are broadly described in the recommendations of the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and the International Registration Committee animals (ICAR).

Microread Technology Kazakhstan offers genotyping analysis on 19 STR loci, 16 of which is recommended by ISAG and National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). Microread provides fast, accurate and high quality results that can be used for parentage testing, breed identification and genetic passport application.

Genetic Loci(19 loci)

  • STR loci recommended by ISAG/NIST are colored green
  • Additional highly polymorphic STR loci for more accurate detection are colored orangeт
  • Reference link for ISAG/NIST recommended STR loci:

Service advantages:

  • Detection accuracy assurance:

Microread’s lab is located at Nazarbayev University,equipped with advance and completed equipment, all technicians are fully trained with rich testing experience.

  • ISO17025 Accredited lab:

Microread Laboratory is accredited to perform genetic analysis by National Center for Accreditation (NCA) according to ISO17025.

  • Professional Background:

Microread collaborates with JSC “Asyl-Tulik”, which is (please add an introduction for this company)

  • Validated testing Kit:

Kits used for cattle genetic testing are validated by National Laboratories of Astana(NLA), and used widely around world.

Testing Period

5 working days

Sample Requirement

  • Hair follicle

Pluck 20-50 hairs with follicles and put them in a small sealed bag.

Note: The hair follicles of the hair sample should be visible to the naked eye.

  • Saliva swab

Repeatedly scrape cattle’s oral cavity using cotton swab, make saliva fully cover swabs.

Note: Dry the swab at room temperature and put it into the corresponding sealed bag.

  • DNA

DNA concentration ≥50 ng/μl, volume ≥20 μl.

Note: One set of sampling items and gloves is used for one animal, and gloves should be changed between different animals.

Results contents or template

Detection by using Microread Bovine 19 ID system


Bovine paternity testing report template